Make English learning dynamic.

David, Student (Beijing)
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• word game fans
• English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers
• EFL learners, their friends and family
• English language classes, grade 6 and 7
• adult literacy programs
• senior’s recreation programs

Teachers use simple modifications to manage difficulty levels. Teacher creativity and experience will find new uses! You are getting games that

• absorb up to 12 players at once
• range from 15 to 60 minutes
• are competitive or cooperative
• suit lower intermediate to advanced levels
• are made of high quality, durable materials

Cumulative syntax is a generative process. Why not teach it that way?

In all games, the mental rehearsal of plausible sentences is necessary. Players must find and use a variety of structures that will allow them to play their cards, help their team, score, and become better communicators … all while having fun.

Our companion product for students supports self-study or buddy-study. Four distinct decks offer lots of variety. The player “beats the odds” to create 12 sentences per deck with rule similar to classic Solitaire.

Greg Demmons, Real English Victoria

“These games should be in every ESL classroom in the world.”

Annie Scoones, IELTS teacher PGIC

“There was no boredom. The cards can be used in so many different ways. “

Shelly Shiner, British Council

“Games are the best way to teach, and these games are so easy to adapt.”

Steve Wang, Jiongbook

“Make Sense! games were the best part of staff ESL instruction.”

Smile Xu, Haidian Foreign Language School

“I learned many things I could not learn in school. “

Scott Garant, Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf

“My students need materials like this that they can manipulate.”

Henry Yeh, Infinity English

“My students prefer learning activities that mimic the real world.”

Tafadzua Negonde, ESL Teacher

“These games are brilliant.”

Dave Han, Guozijian Middle School

“If teachers would really use these, students would love it.”

If you are a school interested in rewards for selling our individual sentence builder games to your students, please contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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